What is Demystifying Fly Fishing for the Beginner? Think of it as an ONLINE FLY FISHING GUIDE SERVICE, but better. With this course you get access to Videos, Downloads and Instructions Forever!

  • +35 Videos & +25 Downloads Describing Everything a Beginner Needs🚦

    The course is designed to Demystify all those Fly Fishing terms that intimidate a new fly fisher. 🎥Fly Rods, Reels, Flies, 🎣Lines, Knots and 🔑Setting up a Fly Rod is all covered.

  • We Apply the "Fly Fishing Formula" 👍

    With all the technical stuff under your belt we apply techniques to find fishy water,🎣 understand different water structure that holds fish. 🐟Then finally position and present your fly for the best chances of hooking into some fish.😎

  • We Get on the Water for Fish Specific Lessons😎

    We cover exactly what fly fishing gear and setups are needed for: 🐟 Fly Fishing for Bass Fly Fishing for Bass - 🐟 Fly Fishing for Brook Trout - 🐟 Fly Fishing for Brown and Rainbow Trout - 🐟 Fly Fishing for Bluegills

Have you ever wanted to hire a fishing guide and get years of "on-river" experience? Demystifying Fly Fishing for the Beginner is like that. It's like having a fly fishing guide available 24 hours a day.

Instructor - David Humphries

Hey David here - Have you dreamed of a beautiful mountain meadow, smelling cedar trees and making a cast into a crystal clear mountain stream? Being completely relaxed and just concentrating a simple thing like catching a trout. That describes the start of my fly fishing journey about 30 years ago. I wanted to de-stress from a busy life for just a little bit. Work, family and bills can weight a person down, but being outside rejuvenated me to tackle all those obstacles again. Over the years, I've fly fish in 24 states with dozens of fly fishing guides. I've documented the lessons I've learned on my website GUIDE RECOMMENDED that gets over 100,000 visitors per month. I truly have a passion for sharing all things Fly Fishing. I also run an online fly shop called River Traditions, and have designed fly rods and invented fly fishing accessories. I've learned that Fly Fishing has a barrier. The terms, equipment and casting are intimidating to the beginning. How 2 Fly Fish is designed to help the newbie gain confidence and catch fish on a fly rod.

David Humphries

Owner of River Traditions


  • 🐟 Who is this course for?

    My goal is to get MORE folks on the water casting flies. So I want BEGINNERS to take this course and learn the skills to setup, cast and catch fish on a fly rod.

  • 🐟 How is this course taught?

    This is an online course using over 35 videos and + 25 downloadable PDFs to instruct students STEP by STEP. I truly believe folks are intimidated by fly fishing. 🐟 Remove the mystery. 🐟 Apply the fishing formula. 🐟 Catch fish

  • 🐟 What if the course doesn't work for me?

    I'd hate to see you go, but if it doesn't work out for you - I offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.

I'm hoping you sign up for this LIFETIME offer. As long as I'm able you'll get access to this course.