What You'll Learn

  • Equipment & Setup

    😎 Video instructions with downloads to setup a fly rod for SUCCESS when dry fly fishing.

  • Casting Lessons & Tips

    🎣 Get basic fly rod casting instruction with a step by step breakdown and tips for correcting errors.

  • On Water Instruction

    🐟 We take our video lesson TO THE WATER and "READ" the water. This lesson pulls everything together.


  • How is the Dry Fly Fishing Course Taught?

    The course is video based, but also contains downloads to reinforce the lessons. To spice it up I also have a little quiz! Don't worry it's fun.😎

  • How do I know if the course is for me?

    The course is specifically designed to help aspiring fly fishers. It's a great first step into my premium course - Demystifying Fly Fishing for Beginners.🐟